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Preliminary PET2002 program:

  David Chaum: Invited Talk

  "Privacy-enhancing technologies for the Internet, II: Five years later"
  Ian Goldberg

  "Detecting Web Bugs With Bugnosis: Privacy Advocacy Through Education"
  Adil Alsaid, David Martin

  "Private authentication"
  Martin Abadi

  "Towards an Information Theoretic Metric for Anonymity"
  Andrei Serjantov, George Danezis

  "Towards Measuring Anonymity"
  Claudia Diaz, Stefaan Seys, Joris Claessens, Bart Preneel

  "The Platform for Enterprise Privacy Practices -- Privacy-enabled
  Management of Customer Data"
  G{\"u}nter Karjoth, Matthias Schunter, Michael Waidner
  "Privacy Enhancing Profile Disclosure"
  Peter Dornbach, Zoltan Nemeth

  "Privacy Enhancing Service Architectures"
  Tero Alamaki, Margareta Bjorksten, Peter Dornbach, Casper Gripenberg,
  Norbert Gyorbiro, Gabor Marton, Zoltan Nemeth, Timo Skytta, Mikko

  John Borking: Policy Panel

  "Dummy Traffic Against Long Term Intersection Attacks"
  Oliver Berthold, Heinrich Langos

  "Protecting Privacy during On-line Trust Negotiation"
  Kent E. Seamons, Marianne Winslett, Ting Yu, Lina Yu, Ryan Jarvis

  "Prototyping an Armored Data Vault: Rights Management on Big Brother's
  Alex Iliev, Sean Smith

  "Preventing Interval-based Inference by Random Data Perturbation"
  Yingjiu Li, Lingyu Wang, and Sushil Jajodia

  "Fingerprinting Websites Using Traffic Analysis"
  Andrew Hintz

  "A Passive Attack on the Privacy of Web Users Using Standard Log
  Thomas Demuth

  "Covert Messaging Through TCP Timestamps"
  John Giffin, Rachel Greenstadt, Peter Litwack, Richard Tibbetts

  "Almost Optimal Private Information Retrieval"
  Dmitri Asonov, Johann-Christoph Freytag

  "Unobservable Surfing on the World Wide Web: Is Private Information
  Retrieval an alternative to the MIX based Approach?"
  Dogan Kesdogan, Mark Borning, Michael Schmeink