PETS Keynote - Angela Sasse, Wednesday July 20

About Angela Sasse

M. Angela Sasse FREng is the Professor of Human-Centred Technology in the Department of Computer Science at University College London, UK. Since joining UCL in 1990, she had researched people's interaction with networked services, and focused on people's perception of security, privacy, identity and trust in the digital environment.  Her current tag line on privacy is: 'There is no privacy paradox - you're just not giving people the options they want.'

Talk: Goodbye Passwords, Hello Biometrics - Do We Understand the Privacy Implications?

After 2 decades of struggling with passwords, we are finally being offered easy-to-use biometric solutions to authenticate. Whilst most users welcome these, some worry about privacy implications of different biometrics and continuous authentication (systems recognises users without disrupting them). Many biometrics - eye movements being a key example - reveal much more about users than who they are, and some commercial authentication services claim to track up to 400 different characteristics. In this talk, I will review privacy and other concerns people have about this tracking.

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