Communication Breakdown: Modularizing Application Tunneling for Signaling Around Censorship

Authors: Paul Vines (Two Six Technologies), Samuel McKay (Two Six Technologies), Jesse Jenter (Two Six Technologies), Suresh Krishnaswamy (Two Six Technologies)

Volume: 2024
Issue: 1
Pages: 465–477

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Abstract: We present Raceboat, a novel framework for developing and managing censorship circumvention channels. The Raceboat framework simplifies using signaling channels for low-bandwidth and/or latency-tolerant tasks like bridge distribution and authentication. We further develop a novel decomposition of application tunneling circumvention channels that is well suited to signaling channel usage. This decomposition enables modular components that are reusable across varied channels. We demonstrate the flexibility and extensibility of Raceboat for signaling uses by mixing-and-matching seven different channels.

Keywords: censorship, networks, privacy, application tunneling

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