Wednesday's WiP session:

Matthew Wright: analyzing anonymous communications
Paul Syverson: Universal reencryption; wpes
Mike Gurski: PETTEP and privacy
Nick Mathewson: Mixminion
Nick Feamster: Controlling information flow in routing protocols
Lucky Green: Anonymous Mailbox Server system
Alfred Kobsa: privacy, pseudonymity, personalized systems
Caspar Bowden
Adam Shostack: (slides)
Hannes Federrath

Thursday's WiP session:

Alessandro Acquisti: acid mixes
Roger Dingledine: Onion routing; nymip; anonymity bibliography site
Peter Fairbrother: PIR techniques for anonymous messaging
Jim Alexander: Models for entropy-based privacy (pages 6-12)
Rachel Greenstadt: Why we don't read privacy policies
Wolfgang Müller: Privacy of Ideas in P2P Networks
Stefan Köpsell: current open questions, research plans
Thomas Kriegelstein: Global unique pseudonyms and partner-local unique identifiers
Kanta Matsuura: (url)
Lars Bruckner:
Marit Hansen: 
Matthias Bauer: (slides)
Heinrich Langos: Heresy_in_the_Church_of_Anonymity
Claudia Diaz: (slides)