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 Workshop on Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Toronto, Canada      26 - 28 May  2004

Rump Session Sign-up Instructions

We'd like to invite all attendees to sign up for a 5-minute "rump session" talk on work in progress or other short topics of interest to the community.  These sessions are always a good time.  To sign up, send your name and a short title or topic name to  We'll assign you into one of the two sessions, which meet on Thursday and Friday afternoons.   The final schedule of presenters will be available and announced at the workshop.

Thursday 16:30 - 18:15 Rump Session I


Roger Dingledine URL Tor: a deployed low-latency anonymity system
Matthew Wright PPT Tor Timing Analysis Experiments
Stefan Köpsell   Questions about Calculations on concatenated Anon systems
Norka Lucena PPT Protocol Steganography
Jonathan Shapiro and Daniel Ratton Figuieredo   Micropayment-Based Incentives for Anonymous Peer-to-Peer Systems
Carlisle Adams   APEX:  Architecture for Privacy Enforcement using XML
Marek Klonowski, Marcin Gomulkiewicz, Mirek Kutylowski   Immunity against Active Attacks
Jason Kobes   Accountable Anonymity
Brent Waters PPT Fuzzy Identity Based Encryption (IBE with Biometric Identities)
Vitaly Shmatikov   PORTIA Workshop on Sensitive Data in Medical, Financial, and Content-Distribution Systems
Philippe Golle   Workshop anouncement
JC Cannon PPT Microsoft’s Data Governance Roadmap
Ralf Staudemeyer PDF Location Security for Mobile IP
Gergely Toth PPT General-purpose Anononymity Framework
Justin Z. Zhan PPT Privacy-preserving Data Mining
Nikita Borisov PPT Random Walks along Structured Overlays
Dennis Kuegler PDF Privacy Protection for Biometric Passports
Andrei Serjantov PPT Mixnet anonymity 
Zooko URL Mnet, a decentralized file store
Andrei Serjantov PPT Game Theoretic Model of Censorship Resistance
Paul Syverson PDF Who needs anonymity?

Friday 15:00 - 16:00 Rump Session II


John Borking PPT PRIME (Privacy and Identity in Europe) PET
Sven Dietrich   IEEE Cipher CFP announcement
Peter Fairbrother   m-o-o-t online SFS
Paul Syverson   Game theory and P2P censorship resistance; WPES announcement
Latanya Sweeny   Journal of Privacy Technology
Roger Dingledine URL Anonymity Bibliography and Nymip
Len Sassaman   Secure programming issues in Reliable
Claudia Diaz   Comparison between Mixmaster & Reliable
Stefan Koepsell   Blocking-resistant anonymity systems
Bulbus Maximus   Pool mode DC systems