6th Workshop on Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Robinson College, Cambridge, United Kingdom
June 28 - June 30, 2006

Privacy Workshop  


Please consider booking your accommodation AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The PET workshop is taking place at the same time as Cambridge's "graduation" ceremonies, which means that there will be pressure on space. Even if you are not entirely sure you are coming, there is often no penalty if you book and then cancel later on.

There rooms that were available in Robinson College itself are now all taken. However, the City Council operates an excellent website with full information about the Hotels, Guest Houses, "Bed and Breakfast" and self-catering options.

Robinson College is located just west of the Cambridge city centre. We have produced a useful map showing its location and that of the various accommodation options. The map also shows the route of the "Citi 4" bus which goes past Robinson College (but not, unfortunately, past the railway station or central bus station). Note that traffic is somewhat of a problem in Cambridge-and so most people walk, or ride bicycles (see this website with details of bike hire in Cambridge).


No scheduled flights serve Cambridge airport; the nearest airports are in London. London Stansted is the closest airport, though it currently only serves European destinations and flights from New York. The next closest airport is London Heathrow, while London Gatwick is the furthest away though still certainly manageable. To reach Cambridge from these airports, read the following directions (from the Computer Laboratory's directions).


There is an hourly bus to Cambridge which leaves from stops at both Heathrow Central Bus Station and Terminal 4. Enquire at the airport for stops and bus times, or check the coach company's web page. The buses are often late. The journey is a little over two hours and you arrive at Drummer Street Bus Station. You will then need to take a taxi or local bus to your hotel.

Alternatively you can get from Heathrow to Cambridge by train. Either (1) take the Underground (Piccadilly Line) to King's Cross Station (about 45 minutes) or (2) take the Heathrow Express to Paddington (15 minutes) and then the Underground (Circle Line or Hammersmith & City Line) to King's Cross (another 15 minutes). From King's Cross get a train to Cambridge.

There is a frequent train service between Cambridge and London to either King's Cross Station or Liverpool Street Station. The trip takes about one hour. Trains leave roughly every half hour during the day. However, there is a five or six hour gap between about midnight and about 6 a.m. when no trains run between the two cities.

The Cambridge station is located one mile south-east of the city centre. From here you will need to take either a taxi or bus ("Citi 1" or "Citi 3") into the centre.


The Heathrow bus also services Gatwick. From Gatwick it takes over three hours to get to Cambridge.

There are also train services: the easiest (and cheapest) way is to use the Thameslink service and change at King's Cross (about 300 metres walk from King's Cross Thameslink station to King's Cross main line station): turn left out of the Thameslink station and keep going; it is well signposted. Gatwick to King's Cross takes about 40 minutes, trains are frequent.

Alternatively take the train to London Victoria and the Underground (Victoria Line) to King's Cross Station, and then get a train to Cambridge (see above).


Stansted is the nearest London airport to Cambridge, by a long way. Enquire about buses or trains at the airport.

Currently there is an hourly direct train service to Cambridge during the day; journey time is about half an hour.

There are frequent trains from Stansted to London during the day. You can take a London train and change at Bishops Stortford for a train heading to Cambridge, although this will generally make your trip significantly longer than taking the direct train. There are no trains between midnight and 6 a.m.

There is also a frequent bus service. See the National Express timetables for more information.


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