PoPETs Artifact Review

PoPETs reviews and publishes digital artifacts related to its accepted papers. This process aids in the reproducibility of results and allows others to build on the work described in the paper. Artifact submissions are requested from authors of all accepted papers, and although they are optional, we strongly encourage you to submit your artifacts for review.

Possible artifacts include (but are not limited to):

Artifacts are evaluated by the artifact review committee. The committee evaluates the artifacts to ensure that they provide an acceptable level of utility, and feedback is given to the authors. Issues considered include software bugs, readability of documentation, and appropriate licensing. After your artifact has been approved by the committee, we will accompany the paper link on petsymposium.org with a link to the artifact along with an artifact badge so that interested readers can find and use your hard work.

Artifact Submission Guidelines

Source Code Submissions

Dataset Submissions

Volunteer for the Artifact Review Committee

We are looking for volunteers to serve on the artifact review committee. As a committee member, you will perform review of artifacts according to the guidelines above. We are looking for volunteers who will be interested in providing feedback on documentation and instructions, trying to get source code to build, or have experience with re-using published datasets. Please email artifact21@petsymposium.org to be on the review committee.
Artifact Review Committee:
Luca Arnaboldi, Newcastle University
Johannes Becker, Boston University
Cecylia Bocovich, The Tor Project
Kevin Borgolte, Princeton University
Lorenz Breidenbach, ETH Zurich
Sofia Celi, Cloudflare
Andrea Continella, UC Santa Barbara
Jack Grigg, Electric Coin Company
Lachlan J Gunn, Aalto University
Wouter Lueks, EPFL
Max Maass, TU Darmstadt
Nick Mathewson, The Tor Project
William Morland, Facebook
Florentin Rochet, Université catholique de Louvain
Shivan Sahib, Salesforce
Christian Wressnegger, TU Braunschweig
Carolin Zöbelein, Independent researcher