PoPETs Artifact Review

This year, we're starting the formation of an artifact review committee for the purpose of collecting, evaluating, and displaying any artifacts related to accepted papers and we encourage you to submit your artifacts for review. The goal of this process is to provide a way for authors to share any work beyond the contents of the paper itself that aid in the reproducibility of results and allow other researchers or community members to build on the work reflected in the paper.

Possible artifacts include (but are not limited to):

Submission of artifacts is encouraged but optional, and artifacts will be evaluated by the artifact review committee so that we can provide feedback on possible bugs in the build environment, readability of documentation, and appropriate licensing. After your artifact has been approved by the committee, we will accompany the paper link on petsymposium.org with a link to the artifact along with an artifact badge so that interested readers can find and use your hard work.

Artifact Submission Guidelines

For PoPETs 2020, we'll be doing a soft start with artifact reviews and will only be performing very basic checks for the proper documentation, licensing, and compilation of artifacts rather than doing an in-depth analysis of the source code and the reproducability of results in the paper. Specifically, we ask that authors provide the following:

Volunteer for the Artifact Review Committee
We are still looking for volunteers to serve on the artifact review committee. As a committee member, you will perform review of artifacts according to the guidelines above. We are looking for volunteers who will be interested in providing feedback on documentation and instructions, trying to get source code to build, or have experience with re-using published datasets. Please email artifact-pets@petsymposium.org to be on the review committee.