April 23, 2022

PETS has elected to stop using Sciendo's publishing services and move to self-publication on the https://petsymposium.org website beginning with Issue 3 of Volume 2022, i.e. immediately. We apologize for making a sudden change, which was due to the timing of our contract agreement. In moving to self-publishing, we are following the example of the Journal of Machine Learning Research (https://www.jmlr.org/), which is a well-regarded venue (CORE A*) in the ML community and has been self-published since 2004. The strength of PETS/PoPETs relies on our community, values, and processes, not the publisher. This move will reduce our reliance on having a contract-signing third party (which the Tor Project has generously done for PETS since 2014), simplify our publication process, and save PETS attendees on conference registration fees.

A few technical points: We have already transferred the ownership of the ISSN for PoPETs and will be having DOIs transferred over the next few months. We anticipate some short-term challenges with indexing in Google Scholar, DBLP, and may never get indexed by some services (e.g. we have never gotten indexed by Thompson/Clarivate ISI).

If you would like to withdraw your 2022 paper because of this change, or if you have any questions about this transition, please reach out to us at popets-editors@petsymposium.org.

(Please bear with us as we update our website to reflect this change.)