Workshop on Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Dubrovnik (Cavtat), Croatia      30 May - 1 June 2005

Thanks to FINA and Microsoft, it looks like we're going to have substantial sponsor funding to help offset costs. But since paying the full cost for people would quickly drain our funds, we will instead give out smaller stipends to many people.

If you want a chance at some of the money, send mail to by April 10 2005 with a subject line of "PET2005 stipend proposal" and the following information:

  • name, affiliation, and contact info
  • whether you are a full-time student
  • how much of a stipend it would take for you to attend PET
    (Please don't simply add up all your costs and tell us that number --- rather, think about how much you need to make this more in line with a reasonable nearby conference, etc. The more you ask for, the less likely you are to get it. We're much more likely to cover just registration than registration+hotel+airfare.)
  • a brief (10 lines or less) description of why you deserve this money
    (This could be papers you've written that influenced the field or were in the PET series; other work you've done that would add value to the workshop or the field; a statement from your advisor about why we'd benefit from having you here, or why you'd benefit from being here; a summary of why you're so excited about privacy; etc.)
  • whether there is anybody else who could possibly pay for it
    (Stipends are not meant to replace funding from your company, university, etc. They're meant for people who have no other funding source but who would still benefit from and be useful to the workshop.)

Of course, there's no guarantee that we'll have enough money to go around. We plan to spend the money in a way that best advances the field of privacy enhancing technologies, through a combination of encouraging new blood as well as experienced researchers.

We'll consider all stipend proposals received by April 10 on equal footing. After that, it's first-come first-served if we have any money leftover.