Workshop on Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Dubrovnik (Cavtat), Croatia

30 May - 1 June 2005

Program for PET 2005 Research Workshop

We accepted 18 papers out of 73 submitted, so our acceptance ratio was approximately 1:4 this year. 

Schedule of talks and activities (PDF)


An Efficient Anonymous Credentials System (slides)
Jan Camenisch

Dealing with Ambient Surveillance

High-Power Proxies for Enhancing RFID Privacy and Utility (slides)
Ari Juels, Paul Syverson,and Dan Bailey

Integrating Utility into Face De-Identification
Ralph Gross, Edoardo Airoldi, Bradley Malin and Latanya Sweeney

On the Possibility of Privacy-Preserving Biometric Identification
Yu Yu, Jussipekka Leiwo, and Benjamin Premkumar

Panel discussion: Revocable Anonymity

Details to be announced


An Analysis of Parallel Mixing with Attacker-Controlled Inputs (slides)
Nikita Borisov

Mix-network with Stronger Security
Jan Camenisch and Anton Mityagin

Message Splitting Against the Partial Adversary (slides)
Andrei Serjantov and Steven Murdoch

Traffic Analysis

Un-mixing Mix Traffic (slides)
Ye Zhu and Riccardo Bettati

Privacy Vulnerabilities in Encrypted HTTP Streams
George Dean Bissias, Marc Liberatore, David Jensen, and Brian Neil Levine

Covert Channels in IPv6 (slides)
Norka B. Lucena, Grzegorz Lewandowski and Steve J. Chapin

Panel discussion: Responsibility of Mix Operators

Description: "With the decision to offer anonymity service on the Internet, Mix operators take on personal and social responsibility. Regarding the consequences of use and possible abuse, we identified three areas of interest to structure the discussion: law, moral, and strategy"

Location Privacy

Location Privacy for Cellular Systems; Analysis and Solution (slides)
Geir M. K°ien and Vladimir A. Oleshchuk

Towards Modeling Wireless Location Privacy (slides)
Leping Huang, Hiroshi Yamane, Kanta Matsuura, and Kaoru Sezaki

PET Economics and Sociology

Privacy in India: Attitudes and Awareness (slides)
Ponnurangam Kumaraguru and Lorrie Cranor

Economics of Identity Management: A Supply-side Perspective (slides)
Sven Koble and Rainer B÷hme

Anonymity Preserving Techniques in Trust Negotiations (slides)
Elsina Bertino, Indrakshi Ray, Anna C. Squicciarini, and Elena Ferrari

Privacy in the Real World

Towards Privacy-Aware eLearning (slides)
Katrin Borcea, Hilko Donker, Elke Franz, Andreas Pfitzmann, and Hagen Wahrig

Anonymization of IP Traffic Data in the LOBSTER Passive Network Monitoring Project
T°nnes Brekne, AndrÚ ┼rnes, and Arne ěsleb°

Privacy Issues in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (slides)
Florian D÷tzer

Failures in a Hybrid Content Blocking System
Richard Clayton