PETS Hike - Wattamolla to Garie Beach

Saturday, 16th of July 2022, 8:00am - 5:00pm

Hike Length and Duration: 16.1 km length with 644m elevation gain, and it can be covered in approximately 5.05 hours.

Pickup: 8:00am in front of PETS Conference Venue, Building 8, UTS.
Hike Start: 9:30am at Wattamolla Beach.
Lunch: ~12:00pm - 1:00pm at Eagle Rock.
Hike End: 3:30pm at Garie Beach.
Return: 5:00pm in front of PETS Conference Venue, Building 8, UTS.

Lunch and Refreshments: A packed lunch and 2L of water will be provided to participants. It is highly recommended that you supplement this with your own water, or additional snacks. We will be distributing the lunch and water at the start of the hike, so please bring a comfortable backpack/container to carry the food and water.

Footwear and Security: It is recommended you wear proper footwear. The Australian sun is quite harsh even in winter, so we recommend carrying and applying SPF50+ sunscreen before/during the hike. A hat will protect your head.

Wattamolla to Garie Beach trail and trail elevation:


Natural scenes and snapshots:



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