PETS is committed to supporting the full participation of a diverse range of students, scholars, and professionals in the PETS community and its annual symposium, and recognizes that financial and logistical constraints can be a barrier for many. To help make PETS more accessible, each year we use money raised through sponsorships to help offset costs for attendees who need support in order to join the PETS symposium, whether in person or, if applicable, online.

If you are interested in the PETS symposium and cannot access sufficient resources from your organization to attend, we encourage you to apply for stipend support using the application process described below. Yes! We appreciate the irony of a privacy-focused organization asking for some very personal information. The reality is that the sponsorship funds we use to provide stipends often comes with restrictions and requirements about how it can be used. So while providing any of the information listed below in your stipend application is completely optional, we will be able to more equitably distribute the funding we have to everyone the more information you provide.

To apply for stipend support, please send an email to, indicating the following:

The initial deadline for applications is 15 May 2023. After this date, applications will be considered on a rolling basis with the final cut-off being 30th of June 2023. Stipends are limited by the funding we have available so we cannot guarantee that we can fulfill all requests or to support them in full. An early application is advised.