Dresden, Germany


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 Workshop on Privacy Enhancing Technologies

PET2003 program:

           Tuesday, March 25

1700-1800: Registration
1800-    : Social event: guided tour through Dresden, sightseeing

           Wednesday, March 26

0800-0900: Registration

0845-0900: Introduction


  "Mix-networks with Restricted Routes"
  George Danezis

  "Generalising Mixes"
  Claudia Diaz, Andrei Serjantov (slides)

  "Modelling Unlinkability"
  Sandra Steinbrecher and Stefan Köpsell (slides)

1030-1100: Coffee break


  "Metrics for Traffic Analysis Prevention"
  Richard E. Newman, Ira S. Moskowitz, Paul Syverson, Andrei Serjantov

  "Breaking and Mending Resilient Mix-nets"
  Lan Nguyen, Rei Safavi-Naini (slides: pdf, tex)

  "Improving Onion Notation"
  Richard Clayton (slides)

1230-1430: Lunch at the Hotel Restaurant

1430-1600: Panel: "Experiences deploying anonymous communication systems."
  Stefan Köpsell (slides), Len Sassaman, Adam Shostack (slides).
  Moderated by Richard Clayton.

1600-1630: Coffee break

1630-1730: Rump session / works in progress (part one)

Evening: BoF gatherings:
* Mixminion (~20:00).
* Key signing (17:30 or 18:00).
* PETTEP meeting.
Send me mail if you want to schedule something more concrete here.

           Thursday, March 27


  "Engineering Privacy in Public: Confounding Face Recognition"
  James Alexander and Jonathan Smith (slides)

  "From Privacy Legislation to Interface Design: Implementing
  Information Privacy in Human-Computer Interactions"
  Andrew S. Patrick, Steve Kenny (slides: pdf, ppt)

  "Thwarting Web Censorship with Untrusted Messenger Discovery"
  Nick Feamster, Magdalena Balazinska, Winston Wang, Hari Balakrishnan,
  David Karger (slides: html)

1030-1100: Coffee break


  "GAP -- Practical anonymous networking"
  Krista Bennett, Christian Grothoff (slides: html, mgp)

  "An Analysis of GNUnet and the Implications for Anonymous,
  Censorship-Resistant Networks"
  Dennis Kügler (slides)

1200-1400: Lunch at the Hotel Restaurant

1400-1530: Panel: Peer-to-peer, anonymity, and plausible deniability designs.
  Richard Clayton, Roger Dingledine (slides (pages 20-32 only)),
  Christian Grothoff (url), Dennis Kügler (slides), Paul Syverson.
  Moderated by Andrei Serjantov.

1530-1600: Coffee break

1600-1700: Rump session / works in progress (part two)

1900-    : Social dinner at Pulverturm

           Friday, March 28


  "A Component Architecture for Dynamically Managing Privacy Constraints
  in Personalized Web-based Systems"
  Alfred Kobsa (slides)

  "Privacy in Enterprise Identity Federation: Policies for Liberty Single
  Birgit Pfitzmann (slides)

  "From P3P to Data Licenses"
  Shi-Cho Cha, Yuh-Jzer Joung (slides)

1030-1100: Coffee Break

1100-1230: Policy panel #1: Privacy and Law.
  Mike Gurski, Henry Krasemann (slides), Richard Owens, Constantin v Stechow (slides).
  Moderated by Marit Hansen (intro slides).

1230-1430: Lunch at the Hotel Restaurant

1430-1600: Policy panel #2: (Inter)national ID systems. 
  Ben Fairweather, Mike Gurski (slides), Jereon van den Hoven.
  Moderated by Allan Friedman.

1600-1615: Closing comments
1615-1700: Business meeting, etc

           Saturday, March 29

0930-1800: Social event: walking in Sächsische Schweiz